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Sep 26, 2012 6:00pm EDT
are scheduled for this week's games and definitely scheduled for tomorrow night's ravens/browns game. coming up in 15 minutes more from the executive director and we hear from the redskins on the potential resolution of the lockout. they have a lot to say, too. >>> tonight at 7:00 i'm joined by nfl today host james brown and an nfl official who has been locked out to get their take on what's going on. you will not want to miss the first eight minutes. we'll see you then. >>> still to come on 9news this half hour, a smashing house call, an uninvited guest rams through the living room of a home in olney. that story is just ahead. >> reporter: a little more like august than september. here are the numbers for today. we managed to make it to 84 downtown, 65 the low. both are considerably above average of 77 and 59. we'll come back, talk about our frontal boundary, what that means to showers and storms later tonight and for your morning commute. >> plus the battle for battleground states, president obama and mitt romney make their case in ohio. we're headed to the buckeye state next. >>>
Sep 27, 2012 6:00pm EDT
ravens. they're hosting the winless browns here tonight at m&t bank stadium. it wraps up a rather tough start to the season. the purple and black will have played four games in just 17 days, something this team isn't particularly thrilled with, but they say they'll be ready anyway. >> it's going to be a huge challenge for us. i know they're going to come in here, a division game, big rivalry, always very emotional games against the browns. we've played a lot of tough games against these guys. we expect it to be another one of those kind of games. >> reporter: remember, today is your last day to vote for the high school game of the week. here's your choices. go to dc. the nats in action tonight wrapping up with the phillies, gio gonzalez going for win no. 21 that. will do it from baltimore. ravens and browns kick off tonight at 8:20. i'm kristen berset, back to you in the studio. >> it's like christmas in baltimore. >> a gift. >> we got some severe weather off to the west of us, fauquier county still under severe thunderstorm warning. we'll zoom into these st
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2